In recognition of achievement, rating or participation with the IVAO network and community a number of different awards are available to members. Awards are issued by the relevant departments or the Executive Council and details of these can be found below.

- Controller Awards

Controller awards are generally a reflection of a member's attainment of a recognisable level of competence in the area of air traffic control.

- Pilot Awards

Pilot awards cover a number of pilot activities ranging from divisional tours, training assistance, Special Operations and recognisable levels of competence and skill.

- Community Awards

Community awards are a reflection of a member's contribution to the IVAO community at HQ level and are generally issued by the Executive.

- Divisional Awards

Divisional awards are issued by each division to their members and cover many areas from involvement in events and tours to providing help and assistance to the division.

- World Tour Awards

World Tours awards are issued for the completion of any of the available tours provided by the World Tour department.

- Online Awards

Accumulated online hours as a controller and pilot are reflected in this award.

- Special Operations Awards

Special Operations awards are issued for completion of Special Operations missions and need to be certified by the Special Operations department.