All IVAO departments are headed by a Director and supported by specialised staff appropriate to the department's focus. Most departments are represented within divisions by locally appointed coordinators. IVAO is made up of the following departments:


The Training department is responsible for setting training standards, managing the IVAO rating system, writing theoretical training material, providing practical training and invigilating all exams. Training can only be given by an active division and must be requested at the divisional level.


The Membership department is responsible for maintaining the database of IVAO members, dealing with account queries and issuing certain awards. If you have any question regarding the department please read the Frequently Asked Question first.

Public Relations

The Public Relations department is responsible for setting and maintaining the IVAO brand, communicating with external partners, organising real world events and communication via social media.

ATC Operations

The ATC Operations department is responsible for overseeing all Air Traffic Control simulation on IVAO, maintaing the global database of ATC Units and publishing detailed information about local ATC procedures.

Flight Operations

The Flight Operations department is responsible for overseeing all pliot requirements on IVAO, maintaining the global database preferred routes and publishing detailed information for pilots about airports.

Special Operations

The Special Operations Department is responsible for all non-civil issues on the network. This implies but is not limited to all military, police or rescue operations not complying with the ICAO rules for normal civil procedures.


The IVAO Events Department is responsible for creating, organising, planning, reviewing, supporting, and publishing IVAO Events on the network, as well as maintaining and validating reports for Events Awards.

World Tours

The World Tours department is responsible for creating the IVAO World Tours, validating pilot reports and issuing awards.

Development Operations

The Development Operations department is responsible for the design, support and implementation of key technologies. Software and website development is combined with network operations and support to provide a coherent solution to providing technical innovations for the future advancement of our network.